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the petals
always rise
when my hands
& before long
i am drowning
in blooms –
some of the
gentlest things
are violent ways
to die.
:iconwei-en:wei-en 31 6
Would you, maybe, could you, kinda
Love me just a bit?
The blossoms bubble up my throat
If you shut me out for another day or so
These flowers will uproot my heart
Coughing, spewing, spitting petals
It’s pretty and it’s sick
The garden you planted in my chest
Grew its thorns in my lungs but roses on my lips
I’m choking on the lovely scent
:iconzee126:Zee126 7 4
hanahaki by Jillick57 hanahaki :iconjillick57:Jillick57 148 6 Rick by Nepook Rick :iconnepook:Nepook 171 6 my beloved children hehe by choco0950 my beloved children hehe :iconchoco0950:choco0950 156 4 that cat... by OkamiWolvenart that cat... :iconokamiwolvenart:OkamiWolvenart 161 16
Ch. Thirteen (Part One): When We Helped (Anti POV)
Jack threw open the door, searching around for Anti all throughout his home at this point. He hadn't seen him since the day before, and after he was specifically told to stay in the living room, Jack was livid. Anti, however, remained in the recesses of his mind, wondering if he had been caught.
"Anti, I swear to fuck, if I don't see you on the count of three, you're not coming with me to see Mark!"
"Hey~~ How you doin', buddy?" Anti quickly appeared behind him, Jack jumping a good foot in the air.
"How am I doin'?! Where have you been?! I told you, you had to stay in here!" Jack shouted, Anti only smirking softly.
"I've been 'here' all day, I guess you were just too busy to notice~" he chuckled, arms over his chest.
Jack studied him up and down briefly, stepping back and running a hand through his hair.
"Whatever, I need to get recording now...stay in my line of sight, that's what I meant before, just...don't bug me when I'm recording...just...ugh, when I'm rec
:iconthatdudewithboobs:ThatDudeWithBoobs 24 2
Ch. Twelve (Part Two): When We Broke (Dark POV)
It was close to the end of the year, meaning the end of the deadline for A Date With Markiplier. If they were to get it all done by Valentine's Day in four months, they had to work extra hard. All the while, Mark went back to his usual routine of recording videos, doing the occasional charity livestream and even plans for a full on live tour in the future. All the while, he kept the wings hidden from sight in his videos and, worse, Amy. Dark, however, was growing irritated at being ignored for this long. His whispers, attempts at taking over not only his wings, but Mark's whole body, all of it. Mark fought through it all and felt sick afterwards, but he kept on his strong facade to everyone who noticed. Until one night.
After another day of recording, they found they were missing one ending, if they were going to have a balanced amount of videos, they needed one more. They were stuck, trying to brainstorm ideas all night, knowing it would mean another month or two of recording. By thre
:iconthatdudewithboobs:ThatDudeWithBoobs 18 0
Ch. Twelve (Part One): When We Broke (Anti POV)
More months had passed since Jack agreed to allow Anti to join him on a future trip, though not much has changed in his opinion on his doppelganger. In fact, if anything, he had grown more frightful of recent occurrences. Anti would occasionally appear in his doorway while he tried to sleep, but not as himself, just as many shapes of things, a cat mostly, dark shadowed with one glowing green eye. When asked about it the next day, Anti would always claim that he didn't remember doing it and just chalked it up to Jack dreaming it himself.
"The same dream for five nights now?" Jack asked, arms crossed over his chest, tiredly.
"Yeah, it happens...since I've been here, all I could dream about was flying with Mark again, but then I wake up, and clearly, that never happened." Anti would respond each time.
It didn't help that Jack would pay more attention to his computer than Anti, always talking to people who didn't exist, in his opinion. He was never made aware that Jack had such a la
:iconthatdudewithboobs:ThatDudeWithBoobs 18 3
Ch. Eleven (Part Two): When We Tried (Dark POV)
Mark pushed himself away from the computer, turning his chair from the light, as Dark spoke out angrily in his thoughts.
"That...little worm is still alive?!" He seethed in Mark's head, while he leaned back in his chair, rubbing his temples.
"What did you do?" Mark groaned. "My head's throbbing now..."
"How could he be...I...he got latched! That damned wimp couldn't keep himself alive, so he made a deal with one of us!"
"Wh...Are you talking about...Jack?"
"No, you idiot, the one he was with! His Guardian!"
"...So, this is really something everyone gets? Why haven't I heard about it...? Wait, latched, what does that mean? What's going to happen to Jack?" Mark asked, growing worried, about to go back on Skype to see.
"He's fine, now, seems smart enough not to let him in so easily..." Dark said, Mark rolling his eyes at the seemingly intentional insult. "Where are they?!"
"Why...what do you want t-"
"Answer me!!" Dark growled, smacking Mar
:iconthatdudewithboobs:ThatDudeWithBoobs 18 3
Ch. Eleven (Part One): When We Tried (Anti POV)
Anti had gone for months attempting to get his human's trust in order. Jack, however, didn't seem to want any of it. He helped him move in his new couch, and then a second new couch, as his claws scratched through the sides of it while bringing it upstairs. He attempted cooking and cleaning, all of which ending in failure. The claws messed up the cleaning, leaving scratches in his windows and furniture, while his 'help' at cooking by showing Jack the cool thing he can do with his one green eye left most of the side of his refrigerator missing. At this point, he was left in the living room, having to do nothing but remain there, while Jack would record his videos and pretend that he wasn't there. But after a while, he finally decided to see if anyone else had a weird, similar occurrence. He was concerned of who to go to first, as he didn't know of who could believe him, but there had to be someone, right?
Thankfully, his first try was a success.
"Wait, what's going on with you?" Jack as
:iconthatdudewithboobs:ThatDudeWithBoobs 24 3
Bite me!
Toast woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of his boyfriend throwing up in the bathroom. It was late and he had clearly just gotten back from one of Jimmy's killing sprees. For some reason Jimmy always ate the blood, leaving Ghost to throw it up again since his body couldn't process it.
Toast got up and walked over to the bathroom, knocking gently on the door.
"Sir are you alright?"
There was the sound of more puking for a second before he responded.
"Fine Johnny, Jimmy just had a bit more than usual, like ten times as much."
He threw up again.
Toast knocked again.
"Do I need to come in?"
"No. I'm good. It's just-"
More puke.
"Remember when we were in middle school and you dared me to lick the swing set?"
Toast sighed.
"No Sir, I said 'don't lick the swing set' the you said 'don't tell me what to do Toast' and then you licked the swing set."
Ghost let out a shaky laugh.
"How do you stomach this stuff Johnny?"
Toast shook his head in ex
:iconbloodyinkwell:BloodyInkWell 9 5
Johnny Ghost ran quickly through the rain. He had missed the bus and forgotten his umbrella, and to make things worse he had fallen in a puddle about a mile back and now he was covered in mud. His mom was going to kill him when she got home later that night and saw the muddy clothes in his hamper. If only he knew how to do laundry.
He reached a stop sign and looked both ways. Before he could keep going a pink corvette pulled up beside him and someone rolled down the window.
"Do you need a ride?"
Ghost recognized the voice. It belonged to one of his classmates but he couldn't remember who. He looked down at his muddy clothes.
"Yeah, but I don't want to get you're car all muddy. Besides my house isn't too far."
The person in the car laughed.
"Oh it'll be fine. I don't mind."
Ghost opened the door and climbed into the car. He recognized the driver. That black hair, pale skin, and those piercing blue eyes belonged to Johnny Toast, the school's star student and athlete.
Toast loo
:iconbloodyinkwell:BloodyInkWell 3 7
Drinking Game
Toast rummaged through the fridge. The PIE team had just finished a difficult case and had decided they deserved a little time off.
"Okay what does everyone want?"
Colon spoke up from the dining room table,
"Hard lemonade."
Toast threw him a bottle.
Spooker had been vaguely paying attention while floating along the ceiling with Kitty.
Toast threw another bottle in his direction. Ghost had been sitting on the island in the kitchen, his legs swinging and dangling because he couldn't touch the floor.
"I want a Shirley Temple, but instead of Sprite put vodka in it."
Toast laughed and mixed the drink for his partner before pouring himself a glass of whiskey. Ghost took a sip and smiled widely, it wouldn't take him long to get totally drunk.
"Who's up for a game of Mario Kart!"
They all crowded onto their small couch and began to play.
After several hours they were all completely drunk and sitting on the kitchen table playing spin the bottle. At some point Ghost had taken
:iconbloodyinkwell:BloodyInkWell 5 12
Horror stories
In an abandoned house on a Saturday night sat six teenagers. The first two were the Toast twins, Johnathan and Gavin, alike in looks but different in most other aspects. Beside Johnathan sat his boyfriend Johnny Ghost, a paranormal fan and a bit of an oddity. Next were best friends Fred and Chris, but most people called them Spooker and Colon. Finally Sally sat in a corner, chewing on a waffle. This house was where they gathered every weekend to exchange scary stories and do things that were technically illegal.
This weekend it was Gavin's turn. Johnathan pulled out a cooler of beer and Gavin passed out the macaroni.
"Alright, everyone comfortable?"
Everyone was so Gavin leaned back and began his story. The others sat enthralled by the story. By the time he was done everyone was drunk and high off the macaroni. Sally had gone upstairs and had presumably passed out, Spooker was talking to his plushie cat, Colon was sat upside down in a chair half hallucinating, Johnny had fallen asleep
:iconbloodyinkwell:BloodyInkWell 3 2
I like you
(This is based on how LillianTheIceEmpress and I started dating) Johnny Ghost, a eighth grader with a bit of an anger issue, sat on the front steps of the church where the members of his youth group were meeting to go to winter jam. He had never felt comfortable around the others. Not that they were bad, just that he wasn't sure how they would react if they found out he was.... While technically no one at his church was anti-gay he could tell that they wouldn't be happy if they knew, especially his parents.
He heard his phone ding and pulped it out of his pocket. He had a text from his best friend Johnny Toast. He had had a crush on Toast since almost sixth grade and had been excited to learn he was bisexual, but he had to keep reminding himself that it didn't necessarily mean Toast was into him. Besides, Toast had recently broken up with his girlfriend and hadn't taken it super well.
Toast: hey
Ghost: hey
Toast: I have a question
Ghost: shoot
Ghost waited nervously staring at his pho
:iconbloodyinkwell:BloodyInkWell 5 3


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